Accessories & Accompaniments

Here at Gibneys Monumental Works, we can provide a supply of accessories and accompaniments in order to have the space dedicated to the memory of your loved one as beautiful as possible. We have a range of different options suited to all tastes and budgets.

Photo Stencils

Photo Stencilling is a process that offers intricate image detailing on headstones that sandblasting simply does not. A photo stencil may be the perfect tribute to honouring the life of your loved one.


Surrounds can enhance the appearance of any grave. Gibneys Monumental Works can supply a range of kerbing and corner posts designed to match your choice of headstone.


We stock an extensive range of chippings, cobbles and recycled glass in various colours, shapes and sizes.




We have a large collection of accessories in stock including flower vases, centre pieces, statues and bronze accessories.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Our experienced team can provide a range of cleaning and maintenance services from which to may choose to suit your own specific requirements. From clean up before a special event to a regular maintenance to ensure the memorial is always looking its best, Gibneys Monumental Works can take care of it all.


To ensure your chosen memorial looks as beautiful as possible, we can recommend typefaces and lettering to suit your particular choice. Our recommendations are based on our years of experience, ensuring the memorial does not look overcrowded and that the lettering is in proportion.


Gibneys were previously commissioned for the erection of memorials in Mullingar, Athlone and the Curragh. Other works include the Joe Dolan memorial statue in Market Square, Mullingar and the Pilgrim Monks at Austin Friars Street, Mullingar.

Additional Services

In addition to memorials and headstones, Gibneys also undertake a series of additional services including the erection of granite signs and boulders.